Slight breakdown in academic neutrality . . .


Update: Gone, within seconds. When I looked a moment ago the entry started with "I have to say that I would rather have my penis cut off and put in my mouth than spend 5 seconds with this sadistic little fuck."

Ho hum.
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From where I'm sitting, that's actually a link to Pierre Boulle, author of Bridge on the River Kwai and Monkey Planet (filmed as Planet of the Apes, of course).
Really? It points at what it's supposed to from here...

Either way, though. Fantastic stuff.

Recent, yes, and I don't use it all that much because I'm never quite sure what it's for, only that I really like it.

How queer...
It's Thatchos from here, complete with penis quote & link to my delightful place of birth (under 'early political career', she stood there in the 50's):

Ooh! I've just discovered it's no longer Tory - Yay! Even if the sitting Labour MP does go by the name of 'Stoate'. Oh well, honesty in advertising & all that...
I particularly like how that sentance is placed.. just before the start of the topic, like a little prologue.