Back at work

. . . after being off yesterday from losing too much sleep the night before. Odd dreams about odd people doing odd things - I think it must be the codeine. Seeing the dentist on Thursday.
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Ow. Can't you get to the dentist any sooner? They usually have emergency appointments for people who are in pain.
I may go to an emergency place if it gets worse, but it's no worse than annoying at the moment.

If you are in the far eastern reaches of the city anytime soon it'd be great to see you again. I am no longer desperately trying to round up videos (I have moved on to scrounging music compilations) but I may hint for some, like a tape of that really depressing series whose name I can't remember now that I've started.. Bollocks.

You are of course (I hasten to add) also very welcome _without_ videos!
I'll survive. The guy I have the appointment with only does private stuff, though, so my search for a regular dentist isn't over.
try here ...

... and try not laugh at the first one.

Mr Thing's top right, but apparently he only does private stuff. I guess that page is out of date.