Speling crissis

There's an article about spelling in the Grauniad too, and it's flagged above the masthead on the front page with an accompanying photograph of a sign saying "Dont feed the hores".

Have I mentioned recently that I'm very easily amused?
There was somebody in my year called Tiffany Hore. She nearly got onto University Challenge. We were sympathetic.
My favourite, although this may only appeal to Australians, was a huge chalkboard outside a bottle shop in Cambridge, that read "We sell FAGS!".

They took it down before I got a picture to send home, sadly.
Personally, I was mortified deeply amused by the typo on the front of the Grauniad supplement that renamed it "2G", right underneath the phrase "What spelling crisis?"
I just tried and it's not yet registered. Irksomely, after that I was unable to spell guardian to get back to the proper site.
The only young attractive female teacher at my school of 850 boys was called Jane Hoare.
I was teribly upset last year when I failed to get a picture of the "Caution: Snatch Thieves Operating in This Area!" signs around the Hull campus before they disappeared... 8-(
There's a (very good) bookstore in Montreal and Toronto called Nicholas Hoare. Naturally the staff collectively refer to themselves as "the Hoares".