Today's tasks

Today, I think that you should all :

1) Read this article from the Daily PinkoGuardian. Any thoughts? NB: it's about paedophiles.

2) Download the mp3 of NoFX's version of Hotel California. It is the finest thing in the history of fine things (if you're as easily amused as I am, at least). Thanks to tephramancy for inadvertently pointing me at that one.

3) Boggle for a few minutes at this humungous sheep.

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Certainly is. I must try to make my NoFX collection slightly more complete. I have maybe five albums . . . clearly not enough.
(1) Intriguing. It makes sense.
(2) I'll have a listen when I get home :)
(3) Wugga.
Getting people in this country into a scheme like that would be a mammoth task ! Imagine the outrage !

Speaking of mammoths, that's some sheep !
1) I think it'll piss a lot of people off. There is an attitude prevalent amongst readers of the daily mail that what one should do with criminals is punish them, regardless of whether it actually improves their, or our, conditions or not. The idea of treating criminals like human beings, or even of saying "Never mind revenge, how do we stop this happening again?" is utterly abhorrent to such people. But thats because they're stupid. *shrug*
So yeah, I'm all in favour of doing whatever _works_.

2) That's top, thanks!

3) Mmeeeeehhh.
So yeah, I'm all in favour of doing whatever _works_.

I'm curious, though, since it didn't seem to be made clear in the article - are the people who are relased from jail and join these Circles people who have been instructed to, or have chosen to ? To what extent is the 70% success rate attributable to those electing to join the scheme being a self-selecting sample of people who were keen not to offend again.

I could well believe that a ready-made community would help some offenders (particularly those who choose to have one set up for them). I'm not sure it'd be such a success with everyone - though, of course, if it made any difference at all, it'd still be worth doing.
That is a mad verison of the Eagles song!
I think i like it... :)
NoFX - Hotel California


Oh, splendid.
I've had a copy of this for a while, of an un-track-listed tape of covers a friend gave me. It's nice to know who it is.

There are many fine tracks on that tape. Including Hungry Like The Wolf by Reel Big Fish (I had to resort to Shazam to identify it, though, which gets a bit pricey for a whole tape.)
1) I don't think I could do it myself, but I do think it's a brilliant idea. One of the worst things about the prison system, for any crime, is that when people get out they have no support and are often shunned once people know their background (and obviously paedophiles more than anyone) - left bored and broke and rejected... No wonder people re-offend!

2) Downloading now.

3) That is, indeed, a truly large sheep.
1) It does make intuitive sense, to me at least. OK, the urge is often there to marginalise paedophiles with a baseball bat - but if they are forced underground, with nobody to talk to, or worse nobody except other paedophiles, then there is no peer-pressure to control them.

It's unlikely to work in those cases where the offender really doesn't see any harm has been done, but I can see it working well for those who *want* to stop harming children.

2) Later, I think...

3) Already boggled! It's a f*%^ing monster & no mistake! I see that in the picture showing it 'towering over' the 5-yr old kid, said sprog *is* crouching! 8-). And why are they so surprised that it's so docile? Very large domestic mammal breeds seem to have that tendency...
#3: it will escape...
...and hunt you down.

well, if it talks to these fellers it will anyway.

Re: #3: it will escape...
[Ob.Python]"She is that most dangerous of animals; a clever sheep...."
About to be played to all my colleagues on the office jukebox, so it better be good...
1. Very very sensible and right.
2. no idea am not computer literate enough, and its not my pooter.
3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
Well you know how I feel about dodgy covers, so that's right up my proverbial.
As for the Paedophile circle, I feel that rehabilitation, after (and as well as) punishment can be a vital part of preventing recidivism. However I'm torn on the issue. One part of me thinks that they should be pariahed, but I agree that that may lead to further offences due to psychosocial breakdown. Another concern is for the safety of the offender, in case some 'Disgusted, Fulham' type decided to get on a circle and batter them. Strict filtering of circle members would have to be done, I feel.