Never heard of it, but I trust your judgement. Shall watch.

If it turns out to be awful, I'll have to GET you.
Ah. Yes. He's great, but he's been the only good thing in more terrible films than anyone should have to be.
Omega Dawn is a post-apocalyptic film about factions of cyborgs fighting in the streets of towns reduced to rubble. Of course one of the factions is female and wears tight PVC.

Oh bollocks that actually sounds *good*. But don't be deceived. The script seems to have been written by a 10-year old boy with several uncurable complexes and the wit and depth of a cocker spaniel in season.

I had to turn it off after enduring half an hour hoping it would suddenly become watchable.
Thanks for the recommendation -- watched it tonight, and it was incredibly good. My respect for BB Thornton just shot sky-high.

The one thing that marred my annoyance watching it was that I checked's listing of it first, and there was a goddamn major spoiler on the main page, some plonker posting it in the *title* of one of the discussion threads. I should follow my own rules & never try to find out more about a good movie or book before I watch/read it. I'm trying not to even look at blurbs any more.