Don't ever go drinking with primary-school teachers.

Last night I went to see Stephen Donaldson not reading from his latest doorstop. He answered questions for an hour - which was about six questions. The man seems to be a natural raconteur. He was relaxed, open, funny and intelligent. I'd obviously expected him to be a lot more portenteous and doom-laden, and to be fair there were hints of that lying somewhere beneath the surface, but he wore it lightly. Apparently he's spent the last 25 years avoiding writing his new one, but it finally caught up with him.

After that it was beer, Ballboy, and beer. Well, cider. People kept buying me drinks before I'd been able to finish the last one. It was ridiculous. After the show it was Gordon From Ballboy at one point - a really really nice bloke, but for some reason the word "motormouth" comes to mind. Good to meet him. Gav seems to know him quite well. There was much patter between songs, which when my head stops spinning I'll recount to you. Partially.

Thew album features the usual good titlage : "I don't have time to stand here with you fighting about the size of my dick", and "There are only inches between us but there might as well be mountains and trees". Sounds good so far. And I've finally seen them do Olympic Cyclist. Their new keyboard player's also distinctly more glam than the old one.
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Sounds like a fantastic night! I must listen to more Ballboy - I've really liked what I've heard.
...or teachers at all...
...if my ex-housemate is anything to go by. Her mission at any given party is to keep every glass she can find *refreshed*, no matter how determinedly you try to fight her off, and she's been responsible for numerous cases of alcohol poisoning, one of which was borderline for A&E... Nice girl though, mostly.