Wasted bloody day.


I've been waiting by the phone for a whole day waiting for a call from the guy who sold us our monochromator (the one that went phut on Thursday) and he hasn't called. And isn't answering his phone.

Hopefully this is because he isn't in the office today the other half of the company's off on honeymoon, so prhaps he's overloaded. I hope that's what it is.
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monochromator (the one that went phut on Thursday)

And the problem is that it hasn't gone phut since?

Is much of your equipment steam powered?
...ah, a measuring device.

I was half-hoping it was something that would make things monochrome.
Well, it is, really. It produces essentially monochromatic light of any individual colour. Actually, it produces light with frequencies entirely within a band about 20nm wide, anywhere between (IIRC) 330nm and about 800nm.
Grr, I hate when that happens. I once spent a whole afternoon on the phone to Instron only to be told that nobody there knew how the machine we were trying to fix worked anymore and we didn't in fact even have a guarantee anymore, so we should take it to bits with a screwdriver and try to figure it out. Which was pretty much what we'd spent the morning doing already.