Looks like Cropredy 2005's definitely on, then.

There's an announcement to that effect on Fairport's website.

In other news . . . things are much as before, but my friends seem to be conspiring to keep me busy, which is keeping my mind off things most of the time. Neon was quite fun last night, although I think I probably owe a lot of people an apology for the Whitehouse, which was significantly harsher than what they were expecting. OTOH, a bloke called Dave asked for Green and Grey, and got it. Well, actually he asked for Sex-the Black Angel, but I bargained him upwards. It never gets played at clubs. People didn't seem to mind. He even managed to extract his original request from the next DJ too.
He even managed to extract his original request from the next DJ too.

Did people dance ? Running through it in my head, I'd think it'd be quite a difficult track to dance to as there are sections where you'd just have to sort of shuffle about uselessly.
They're goths. They always just shuffle about uselessly.

Ahem. Sorry.

Yes, people danced.
I genuinely did LOL to that one. Since I'm using a terminal in the library it was very loud in the silence. People are looking at me strangely (well, more than they did before anyway)
Maybe. Maybe not. It's a fortnightly thing on Sundays. Late on Sundays. Until 3am. Mostly gothy and rocky stuff. Wrong end of the country for you, though, I'm afraid.
Which peice of noise (not sure they can be called songs, or even music) from Whitehouse was it? It's ages since I heard "A cunt like you" get played anywhere. Thats always fun to attempt to dance to. :)
That's the one, yes. I think it's the only one I have that's particularly rhythmic.