See what happens if you vote for Kerry?

Votefixing be damned, here's the real consequence:

But yesterday, what had seemed a minor item in a police blotter touched off state and federal military investigations after it was disclosed that an F-16 warplane had strafed the school with cannon fire.

The Air National Guard warplane, flying a night training mission out of Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, fired a burst of 27 rounds from its 20-millimeter cannon shortly before 10:15 p.m. as it streaked over Little Egg Harbor Township, 20 miles north of Atlantic City, New Jersey military officials said last night.

Now officially, the story is that it was an accidental discharge. But we know better, don't we children?

Being late at night, the school was basically empty and no-one was hurt. Full story here, in the current New York Times. Free registration required.
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You're asking us to judge the incompetence of an ANG trainee against the likelihood that "someone" would have a vested interest in causing fear and uncertainty in the USA?

Hand me that coin, will you?
Makes a change from bombing Canadians...