And the beauty is that you can apply the same idea to a wide range of situations.
And a wide range of states. Maybe if the Us broke up in the same way the USSR did, that's be a good thing.

All we'd need then is for the EU to do the same.
Kate and I have been talking about the chances of New England seceding.

And I know a few people have been talking about creating the state of Pacifica, (i.e. British Colombia, Oregon, Washington and California).

I doubt any of it is serious but it's fun to discuss it. :)
It'd be mostly okay without the red bit - I dunno why anyone would want to celebrate that they're sitting on top of an immiment explosion anyway.
of course the last time a US state opted to leave the union because they were at odds with the federal government...
Well, yes. But that was a while ago. Things might have changed, and there's only one way to find out.

Interestingly, some of the onward links go to pages arguing that there's no legal bar to secession at any point. Interesting, if true.
Hmmmm...with all those reasons that California can survive and thrive on its own also being reasons why Washington and the rest of the country (blue and red) would fight to keep it in...and the Republican Governator being in charge of California...

Besides, does anyone really want a big red USA without that large blue state helping to keep the rest of the red in check?