That comes under the general heading of "tempting fate", doesn't it?

Oh, alright then. Kerry. Although it may well be wishful thinking. It looks very close, although apparently the turnout's huge. 120 million or more. The highest proportion since 1968, probably, and a lot higher than usual :
It’s certainly interesting. I wouldn’t worry about tempting fate though. Seems like most of the news programs are going in the direction of Kerry.
Thankfully, I have chocolate coated coffee beans left from Whitby.

Hmm. Yahoo - which is a minute or so ahead of the BBC - now puts Kerry ahead...
Yeah. Was just going through their summary trying to spot the difference...
I think ITV had 77 as well, so either they're on the same source or it's the Beeb who are out.
Hmm - checked up at 4am. Too depressing for words. 207/198 pro-wanker Bush. Hoped it was just a nightmare, but gap nw widening pro Bush. Gah.
thats exactly what it sez on the steel reinforced doors at the basement of my high rise...resistance is futile...i feel a very strange nothing is happening..yet its actually a momentous hall is setting a fair satirical tone for the evening

btw graham. did we have a brief drink once in K Jacksons with Steve and Phil and Andy M?

np dungen - ta det lugnt and the futureheads (esp Hounds of Love)
Was this just a couple of weeks back?

Yeah. Nothing is happening, again and again. Ohio and Virginia apparently too close to call.
yeah we chatted about Coil and Current 93...who i did see at the Arches in Glasgow!! a fantastic day that was...i was not in attendance on the Sunday for the mysterious Jandek tho
There's unlikely to be any real news until so late in the night that you may as well go to bed now and wake up early to catch $candidate's concession speech right before $other_candidate gives his victory spiel. Heck, I'm probably going to grab a quick nap, and I'm contemplating going to Copley Square to see Kerry's rally.

Apropos of nothing, in Boston there's a clear sense that our boy can do this, and that the real challenge right now is ensuring that he has a mandate to govern via a popular majority. I got to the polls about 5 minutes after they opened this morning, and was 200th in line (give or take). By the time I voted, nearly an hour later, there were another 200 in line behind me. Biking home, I passed my voting precinct again and the lines still spilled outside (although it was only about 15 people long by that point, but that was still after 10 hours of voting).

Oh, what the heck. This LJ icon worked for the Red Sox, let's see if it works for Kerry as well. :)
Hope so. I may set the alarm early and get some sleep. It depends on whether calls keep arriving.
Someone, I think on SkyNews, just said that some Florida districts won't start counting absentee ballots until Thursday. So if Florida is too-close-to-call (and I swear if I hear anyone say that again I may beat them to death with a suitable beating implement) tonight then we might not begin to hear about the pre-litigation winner until Thursday night.

Florida is so 2000.

The modern vote stealer seems to be concentrating on trying to close polls and nullify provisional ballots in Ohio, but I still hold out faint hopes that Wisconsin will show their Cheese Head Pride and take the "We Suck Worse Than Florida/Banana Republic" prize for electoral irregularities.

God this is depressing. I'm tempted to start posting my resume on job sites that find work for Americans looking to become ex-pats, but I don't remember what those sites are off the top of my head.
Well this morning is not looking so bright. But I am impressed by the turnout. Radio 4 says people are still waiting to vote 2 hours after the polls have closed.

Sorry we didn't get to see you last night. Hope you had a fun time watching the votes roll in.

Maybe we could try again tonight for the film?
'll see you a little before then, then?

Sure do you want to come round about 20:20, or do you want to meet there?