St Catherine of Siena

Trivial update, of interest only to a few - there was, of course, a convent dedicated to St Catherine of Siena in Edinburgh between c. 1600-1690, in the area that's consequently now known as Sciennes. The convent on Lauriston Place run by the Sisters of Mercy since about 1860 is also dedicated to this St Catherine. ISTR that a friend of karmicnull's stayed in a spare room there at one point and therefore had his post addressed to him "c/o The Sisters of Mercy", but I could be misremembering. It has been a while.
i know someone who used to live across from the Sisters of Mercy...thier flat was called Valhalla...cue many conufsed taxi drivers when they ask for taxis to gods house...
I don't know the answer to your question, but I do remember a colleague who did voluntary work with them objecting to my wearing a Sisters T-shirt at one point.
My Mum did voluntary work for them in Australia, but they took quite a different view. They actually had a copy of the SOM's "une in, tune on, burn out", poster up in their nursing home. I think they liked the "Merciful Release" bit!
She was the patron saint of my school. I've actually been to her house on a school trip to Italy.
Always wondered about the etymology of that locale's name. Mystery solved - thanks!