Live albums.

Very brief quiz. Now finished.

I was thinking on my way back from lunch about titles for live albums. Proper titles, rather than just "Live" or "Live at the Guildford Arms" (Soft Boys, as you ask - it's a pub in Cambridge) or "Live at the Chingford Ultradome" or whatever. I was wondering how well-known some of these are, so here they are as a quiz. Comments will be screened. Please feel free to add any more good live-album titles you know of.

Who released a live album called: (answers after scores, in case you still want to try guessing)

1. Kick out the jams
2. No sleep 'till Hammersmith
3. The sound of impact
4. Public castration is a good idea
5. 23 minutes over Brussels
7. A skateboard party
8. Weld
9. The name of this band is
10. 1969
11. Under a blood red sky

So far:
zoo_music_girl: 4
gingiber: 3
kiaransalyn: 3
sheepthief: 1
nils: 2
devilgate: 7
swisstone: 6
sarcaustik: 1
hirez: 7 (You're probably right about the "the", but there aren't any extra points for it. Just kudos)
[info]chilled_eric: 3
bridiep: 3
ciphergoth: 2
everild: 1
juudes: 6
king_prawn: 5

Extra good titles include I Heard They Suck Live (slightly cheating, but a truly excellent title) by NoFX, In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Ministry), Get Your Ya-Yas Out (Stones), Stage (Bowie), Gotta Let This Hen Out (Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians) and Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape (Bauhaus).


1. The MC5. Much more well-known than I expected. 11 right. Very impressive. I'm very proud and grateful to be allowed to associate with such fine people.
2. Motorhead. Much less well-known than I expected. 8 right.
3. Big Black. Except without the "the" at the beginning. Only 3 right. I'm disowning you.
4. Swans. 5 right.
5. Suicide. Nobody got this, which doesn't really surpise me.
6. Butthole Surfers. None right either.
7. Dead Kennedys. One. Thank you, Martin.
8. Neil Young & Crazy Horse. 6 right.
9. Talking Heads. 4. No great surprise.
10. The Velvet Underground. Not the Stooges, although that's an easy mistake to make. 3 right. Tricky.
11. U2. 13 right. Chart band. It's what you'd expect.
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Kick out the jams - mc5s
The sound of impact - big black
Under a blood red sky - u2

Good grief I am bad at this :)
1. MC5
2. Motorhead
3. Ministry
11. U2.

I've never really been one for live albums; they always seem to me to be rather pointless and a bit of a rip-off. That said there are some that challenge that perception.

Perhaps my favourite live album is Gun Club's Love Supreme (I'll have to check the title when I am home but I'm sure it is so-called.)

Jane's Addiction's first album, (which I believe was eponymous [I've probably spelt that wrong, sorry]) is also a great live album.
1. KLF?
2. Beastie Boys?
4. Swans (I have the T-shirt...)
11. U2

Best live album title ever is In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up...
Best live album title ever is In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up...

Absolutely. I should have remembered to include that one.
1. The MC5
2. Motorhead
5. ... I should know
7. The Dead Kennedys
8. Talking Heads
9. The Velvet Underground
10. U2
5. ... I should know

You should? It's not one of the more obvious ones.

Your 8, 9 and 10 should of course be 9, 10 and 11. But I wonit hold it against you.
1 MC5
2 Motorhead
8 Neil Young & Crazy Horse
9 Talking heads
10. Velvet Underground
11. U2

Get Your Ya-Yas Out
Oh, I didn't notice 8: Neil Young.

Other live titles:

No Sleep Till Belfast was a song, and maybe the album title by the reformed SLF. Hanx!, of course, was the excellent title of the original SLF's live album.

The Ramones had It's Alive, as I'm sure you well know, but that kind of has "live" in it.

The Doors had posthumous one as well as Absolutely Live; it was called a quote from their lyrics, like, "The still see conspires an armour" (but not that).

Bowie's Stage.

Thin Lizzy's Live and Dangerous.
1 - MC5
2 - Motorhead
3 - Big Black (there's no 'the' in the title)
4 - Swans?
5 - Pere Ubu?
6 - Lord alone knows
7 - Beats me. The Stupids?
8 - Oh God: Neil Young. There was arc-weld, too. (I only know that because Peelie played something off arc-weld. Honest.)
9 - Talking Heads
10 - The Stooges
11 - Ubloody2

There's 'Stand back, Dennis', but that's a RH&tE bootleg.
Oh, of course - Gotta let this hen out.
Kickstarting a backfiring nation is live-ish.
I don't think it was ever released but the Utah Saints wanted to call an album "Live in Leeds" even though it wasn't a live album. They just thought that Leeds was great and more people should live there.
My favourite live album title is, naturally, Live After Death, and I only know one of these (2) which makes me feel rather ignorant
1. MC5
2. Motorhead
11. U2
10. Could be The Stooges, but it's not one I've ever heard of.
The only ones I think I know are

1) MC5 (I think)
2) Clash or Stiff Little Fingers?
4) Swans (I know coz I've got it!)
11) U2

I probably could check using Google but a) that would be cheating and b) I can't be bothered :)

Extra one - 'Press the Eject and give me the Tape'.

I guess you'll screen out the answers!

1. Kick out the jams

2. No sleep 'till Hammersmith

3. The sound of impact
Don't know, but the Beastie Boys did an album cover that could have been for that title.

8. Weld
Neil Young

9. The name of this band is
Talking Heads

10. 1969
Velvet Underground

11. Under a blood red sky

I know these, not because I go to a lot of gigs (I don't - I have a phobia about live entertainment), but because I obsessively read the NME encyclopedia and books about album cover designs as a youth.

the Utah Saints wanted to call an album "Live in Leeds"

The Who did an album of that title which apparently was often pronounced 'live' as in 'give' rather than as in 'hive'. Our wacky phonemes, eh?

Can't think of any sparkling additions to the list, sorry.

1Bleugh! My nasty browser (don't ask) appears to use non-ISO standard encoding; maybe it's correct on other people's.
I bid 4
1. MC5
2. Motorhead
3. PInk Floyd
4. Swans (yes, no "the" before)
5. Low
6. haven't even got a guess for that...but know it's in the back of brain somewhere
7. Circle Jerks?
8. Neil Young & Crazy Horse
9. I should know that one, an old flatmate had it...
10. Iggy & the Stooges?
11. U2

16 Horsepower's Hoarse (would have worked equally well for NY&CH)
All Dolled Up Like Christ, The Decomposition of Violets, Emergency Ward, It Is Finished, As the World Disappears, Looney Runes, Big Time...

It just occurred to me that naming a live album is a bit of a no-brainer...the title is a perfuctory matter such that any expended creativity in naming the album will result in a good title...if one likes the band in question. Any good lyric that didn't become the title of the song it's in, any stray phrase that lines up with the "feel" of the bands name will do.

Can you think of a really bad live album title?

As usual, I missed the boat and didn't see this until the quiz was finished :(
I would have got 5 for the record.

Wasn't Live at Leeds the name of a Who live album?

Other titles of live albums...

Paris Au Printemps - Pil
Play - Magazine
Nocturne - the Banshees
Different Stages - Rush
The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life - Frank Zappa
One More From The Road - Lynrd Skynnrd
Ummagumma - Pink Floyd

OK, I'll stop before I go too prog rock to save my credibility :)

1. Kick out the jams MC5
2. No sleep 'till Hammersmith-Motorhead
3. The sound of impact
4. Public castration is a good idea
5. 23 minutes over Brussels
7. A skateboard party
8. Weld-Neil Young
9. The name of this band is-Talking Heads
10. 1969-Iggy and the Stooges
11. Under a blood red sky-U2
The finest 'live' album ever recorded still remains Type O Negative's The Origin Of The Feces, including the evacuation due to a bomb threat half way through and the near-continuous chants of "You suck!" from the crowd.