This (last paragraph) must not be allowed to happen.
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Potterrow was a defining influence that shaped my life. No, no and no again.
Hell, I say no to the whole shebang. I had hoped they were actually going to take Appleton down, as well. Who designs these new plans, anyhow?

sadly it is listed i think so they can't. perhaps they shoudl paint it a few nice briught colours and cheer it up? hghly unlikely though
Jeez, Edinburgh will be even more unrecognisable the next time I go there.
A facelift for Appleton Tower? Just demolish the damn thing, for God's sake.
From what I read, they're demolishing the elevated road and linking Lothian Street back to Teviot Place - i.e. restoring part of the street grid that existed pre-1970, not demolishing the Potterrow or the Student Centre.

"Under the plan, the Potterrow Port flyover next to Bristo Square will be demolished and Lothian Street and Teviot Place will be realigned."

However, I agree with other posters that dynamiting Appleton Tower, the DHT, AFB, and most of the rest of George Square could only be an improvement.
They're not allowed to touch Potterrow Port. It's legendary. It was on the back sleeve of a Shop Assistants single. It's in the newspapers regularly as a stock shot.

Anyway, almost half of George Square is the old stuff, which has to stay.
Almost half? It's not much over a quarter original, these days, is it? I remember the fuss when the side opposite the Library and Film Theatre was vandaliseddeveloped. I believe that the University promised then that they'd leave the remaining old side intact.

But that was all back when the car park really was going to become a new school of dentistry/dental hospital.

Oh, and bits were falling off the Appleton Tower in the late seventies, so it wasn't expected to last until the nineties.
thats to say nooo...i love going through the is a well worn route from my uni days *sniff*

erm and how will re-aligning the street grid help traffic? instead of a nice gentle turn they shall have to make a sharp turn or trundle along cobbles?...these designers are weird