So long, Johnny.

The BBC and Yahoo report the death from prostate cancer of Johnny Ramone at 55.

Seeing the film "End of the Century" recently left me with the impression that I probably wouldn't have liked him much if I'd met him, but that there was an awful lot to admire about him past the obvious guitar-playing.

As I've been suggesting to people might happen, this leaves the Ramones as the anti-Tap - only the drummers got out alive.

(Memo to self:
Jobless total down again.


Grauniad article.)
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Good grief, I'm glad I never sold life insurance to the Ramones.

Shame, though, isn't it?
It is. Actually, CJ's still alive - he played bass from about '90 to '94 (take care, CJ). All their various drummers are still about, though.
I had heard that he had cancer. It's not like when Joey died and I didn't even know he was sick so it hit me kind of hard.

That, and Joey was always my favourite.
I was sad to hear this. Joey was the nicest one of the bunch, though.