Update : hub, and various.

Well, it arrived exactly when promised, in a box about fifty times larger than the actual component and about fifteen times larger than the maker's box. The difference was made up with jumbo bubblewrap. Truly it is a hub of much grooviness, though, and I'm well pleased. The postie had a handheld touchscreen thing to take signatures with. My first attempt didn't register, and the second crashed the machine so badly he couldn't even reboot and had to fetch the backup paper forms for me to sign. I've had my handwriting criticised before, but never in such sincere terms.

Graham B made up some Calling flyers, and Sarah and I went down to the Junction to flyer people coming out of the All About Eve concert. Except that the bastards finished at half-ten to make sure we were late. Scumbags. Just for that, I'll point out once again that the last time I saw them they were chiefly memorable for their interminable guitar solos - they were at the same festival as Robert Plant's pub band composed of his mates. Plant apologised for the self-indulgent fretfrottage of his guitarist, but AAE were far far worse.

Arse. Still, at said festival, they played Martha's Harbour twice - once as a soundcheck and once in their set. And as I was working security, I got to hang around at the stagefront for the soundcheck.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that on Friday my boss offered me a courgette plant. Certain people will find this fairly amusing, and bootpunk will probably think that it's very special indeed.
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my boss offered me a courgette plant

Take it! It'll give us an excuse to clear the greenhouse out, for one thing.
and for another, it'd be a comedy house accessory.
Gimme money, gimme sex, gimme food and large courgettes.

Maybe she's trying to tell you something - either it's a very subtle come on, or she doesn't think you're eating enough greens. Best of luck.

Maybe she's trying to tell you something

I don't think so, but I will of course let you know if it turns out I'm wrong.

Best of luck.

Errr . . . thank you.