Do I love you? Yes I love you. But it's easy come . . . and it's easy go.

I was just in The International (local pub set up by republican veterans of the Spanish Civil War) with my brother, and Tinseltown In The Rain came on the jukebox. I can't remember the last time that I heard that outside the house.

Earlier. we'd been in the Golf, which is now repulsive. They have six big-screen televisions, all of which were showing football. In a reasonably small pub. It's all glossy and wipe-clean, in spite of it being a pub which boasts of its age (1456, fact fans). Immensely sad. Just as sad as it is horrid, in fact. It used to be much more comfortable (if no cheaper), but somebody obviously found a Development Opportunity.

I notice also that the best pizza-delivery outfit I'm aware of is up for sale. I may have to pig out before the new owner ruins it.

And JWZ has been listening to my favourite Morphine song. I feel validated.

Every morning I wake up and Mark Sandman is still dead.
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Man, the IB can be one shady place. The Golf is the one with flames outside at the west end of the Links, right? Gorgeous place, but as you said, a questionable clientele...

So what *is* your favourite Morphine song, then?
Man, the IB can be one shady place.

It's been fine when i've been in, but the idea of Karaoke randomly starting up has been putting me off.

So what *is* your favourite Morphine song, then?

Radar. Unless it's Sexy Christmas Baby Mine, which it sometimes is.