Last night.

After chatting to Fiona on the phone, I went over to the Auld Hoose to see if N!k was till there. He was, and so were rather a lot of other people - CJ, Laura, Steve, Andrew, Charlie, Rik, and a few others too, I suspect. Are wednesdays always like that, or was it a special occasion?

In other news, todays rauniad has an excerpt from the new Iain M novel, The Algebraist. In fact, it has 12 pages on SF, including a top 10 of SF films as decided by a panel of working scientists. Bladerunner wins, which is good, but disappointingly Gattaca doesn't feature. There's also one of SF writers, and Lem manages to sneak in. Excellent.
Thanks for the pointer to the extract from The Algebraist - just read it and can't wait to get hold of the book now!
Yeah. Sounds fun. I was briefly there during a quiz but didn't take part (with drpyrojames, I think) and it sounded manageable.