Lunchtime ramblings

When we visited Leeds castle the other week, we were wondering what sort of convention they have there these days. The answer, of course, is that they have this sort of convention. Very nice. Hopefully.

I just had a bite to eat in KBU (or whatever it's called these days since the effective dismantling of the Union) and there were videos on. It's interesting watching VH1 at that time of day, because for some reason it's all Eighties stuff. A lot of the time it's dreadful old shite that I hated both at the time and to this day (Come in "We Built This City" - nothing is forgiven). Every so often, though, there's something I rather like that I hadn't realised actually had a video. Some time ago this was Pixies, but today it was the Dream Academy. It took me back in a lot of ways, as obviously Life In A Northern Town at the time involved rather a lot of industrial decline, urban dereliction and unemployment. I think it was shot in Manchester and Salford, as there was a shot that looked like the club the Smiths famously posed in front of. Apparently the song's about Nick Drake (who, oddly, I think has a single out currently), although he was apparently from Warwick, which isn't Manchester and isn't even Northern. Most strange.

Another interesting point is that I know know what Kate St John looks like. She was playing oboe in that production of the Black Rider, but we couldn't see into the orchestra pit from where we were sitting.

I thought they were just upgrading it? *curses lack of a union in final year!!* (i haven't seen it since)
Not the building - the institution. Edinburgh University Union, as opposed to EUSA as a whole. All the house committees were apparently abolished a couple of years ago. I don't know how the buildings are being run now.
Yes, really very swish conferences indeed... I guess the fact that the early stages of what became Camp David were held there was a bit of a giveaway.
She married Sid Griffin. I was surprised . . . but then I had the feeling that I'd already heard that.
That's rediculous. There's a Captain Scarlet episode in which a Mysteron reproduction of the World Airforce Commodore summons several high-ranking Airforce personel to a remote castle in Scotland for peace talks and tries to have them all executed.

.. I'd Better call Spectrum.
Well, we all know that the Mysterons are working for the government these days - you've seen the ads where they catch benefit fraudsters, haven't you?
It makes my laugh my little black socks off when I see adverts like that. They give this impression that they're omnipresent and Godlike, whereas, in reality, they're a bunch of idiots who know very little about anything. I was working for eight months on basic rate tax, that's 25% (I didn't notice because I, stupidly, thought they were doing their job), all because the inland revenue thought I was signing on. I wasn't, I was working for the whole time.

Now, I thought that they could tell through national insurance payments whether or not you were working/signing on/unemployed and all that, but actually they had absolutely no idea. I had to tell them what I was doing with something as high-tech as a telephone. It also occurs to me that I don't know anybody who has been caught committing benefit fraud.


Dream Academy
Hmm. Maybe they were bigger on my side of the pond. The video for Life in a Northern Town was played very frequently on the after-school video show that showed even out in the back of beyond where I lived.
I saw Kate St John play live with the Ravishing Beauties (supporting Teardrop Explodes). They all were wearing dresses made out of hessian sacks IIRC, but then again, it was over 20 years ago...