A couple of points worth noting:

After having it pointed out to me by Mr Gerard and Rocknerd I can see that is going to alter forever how I think about popular music. Read it yourself to understand what truly Advanced recording artists achieve through their work.

The sad, sad saga of has been mentioned on slashdot, and some bright spark has suggested that as Penguin aren't willing to change the name of the book to something that doesn't impact the website of the same name, perhaps its owner should put up a photo of Mr Goatse on the front page and then see how long it takes Penguin to change the name.

Other people have replied that maybe this isn't such a good idea. After I had stopped laughing, I conceded that maybe these people had a point.
Metallica, in general, are Overt. However, their new documentary is a move towards Advancement.
Although I do agree: Lou Reed is the most Advanced artist out there.

The scary thing is that Metal Machine Music looks Overt now, but was clearly Advanced then.
This reminds me of a similar case recently where the owner of was being leant on by the company that markets the purple dinosaur character. In this case, the right decision was reached.
And let us not forget the harrassment of poor Mr and Mrs MacDonald when they opened a tea room in the Highlands.

And Mattel's persecution of anyone who shortens the given name of Barbara.
You're right, of course, but only because the proper owner of doesn't want to make a scene. Had this happened to me, I'd go to great lengths to make the site as foul as possible ( and Tubgirl), and leave lots and lots of mail links back to the Penguin lawyer and the author. (I'm reminded of a story I read somewhere about two phone pranksters who found out how to crack into a 900 number used to promote the Corey Haim/Corey Feldman film Dream A Little Dream, where they changed the messages from Haim and Feldman on the system to any amount of filth and perversion. After about a month of nasty messages left by teenage girls in response to "I just wish all you bitches would leave me alone. Except that cute Mexican bitch who gave me that rim job; you can call me any time", the tech team that was handling the voice mail system FINALLY decided to change its security system.) Then again, I'm a foul bastard who has no appreciation of pushy publishing lawyers.