Hmmm. The weekend . . . and a most unusual suggestion.

I got accused of being Mexican today. I think I can safely say that's never happened before.

I should probably mention at this point that after getting back to Edinburgh on Friday, I went to rathgild and Paul's wedding on Saturday afternoon, which was very fine. They both looked quite resplendent, but special mention goes to rathgild's spectacular dress, which she made herself. Some people are just too talented. Later there was music and dancing, courtesy of a very nice rig they'd hired. It was a great pleasure to be there. After that, the hardcore remnants sat in the hotel bar for another hour or so.

And mostly turned up the next evening for Jane's birthday drink in the Café Royal, which shows me which of my friends have the strongest stomachs. Ian McL and Martin were there, which was good as I hadn't seen either of them in several years.

This week has been quiet, although I've fitted a little bit of microscopy in and just set off some more plates to watch them growing sometime next week. And stuck an old plate of something luminescent under the camera for the weekend. One ten-second exposure every five minutes for 36 hours. I shouldn't think there'll be any interesting rhythms or anything, but the camera's otherwise idle, so why not?

Cthulhu last night was . . . odd, as usual.
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I was once accused of being French by a stripper in Illinois.
Well, I guess I could volunteer to see if I could find any tonight.....

Certainly on of the guys here is into dodgy strip clubs, although he does live in Adelaide, so there my be a bit of a quantum step in dodginess.

The plan is more to visit The Exit Club, Chicago.