My week, including NMN.

I'm going to blame having been away for so long for me having forgotten the First Law of Edinburgh Shopping - the answer to the question "Where can I get [almost anything]" is usually GoGS.

Spray's website links to Michael Moore and James Randi. They are officially way cool.

CDBaby have a box during their order process where you can type in how you heard of the people you're buying records by - they say they pass this back to those concerned. Not a bad idea. They have a sale on at the moment, too. Certain CDs are $5 each if you buy three - I'm going for Spray, St Eve and Leisure Hive, even though I've bought too many records recently already.

On Wednesday I went through to Glasgow to see NMN. They went on a little (I'm getting very intolerant of people who don't write three-minute songs) but were generally excellent. There was a bloke near us in a blue Tshirt who'd never heard of them, had no idea what they were like and stood stonyfaced and unimpressed right the way through. You hear that sort of thing about comedians in Glasgow, but I've not seen anyone do it to a band before. I can't imagine why he didn't leave.

Their support were called Transmission and were appalling beyond beliefnot my cup of tea. Apparently it was their first gig without their drummer, and frankly if you're getting upstaged by your new drum machine you need to rethink your act. I was surprised on Saturday to find that Roy saw them a couple of years ago. He didn't remember thinking much of them then, either. They didn't seem like a band who'd been playing for that long. Their not having any decent songs (i.e. ones I could remember afterwards, that had a tune you could whistle, that impressed me at the time, or whatever) was compounded by them sounding like the half-assed attempted-goth allegedly-industrial outfits that turn up on Shitebreed compilations. We firmly expect them to be playing the opening Friday night set at Whitby quite soon. Unless Shitebreed get to them first.

That's all a bit negative, isn't it? I'm reminded of a demo review I read some years ago that ended with the compulsory constructive comment on how to improve matters - "a new lineup, material and style should just about do it".

On Thursday I went to the pub with akicif, Jenny, and Gary and Georgia from Bloco Vomit (They looked more familiar than they would from the one time I saw them perform a few years ago, though - I've probably bumped into them like that since), who are still going and playing, apparently. Must go see them again.. After they left, Andrew H and Jane turned up.

On Friday I had a The Birds experience with one of the KB seagulls, and then went to the pub with grahamb.

On Saturday I went to the shops, both literally and figuratively. More records, in spite of the fact that I've already got too many.

If you are Scottish, tragedy!

And to answer another question I'd had buzzing around,,, and

I am somewhat intrigued by this record review from Friday's Guardian. If anyone has heard anything by HIdden Camera . . . is it any good? What's it like? There's a review online that says they're a bit like the Polyphonic Spree, but as it doesn't make any mention of flagrant obscenity it might actually be talking about a different band.
And anyone requiring further proof that they are an entirely unique band is directed to I Want Another Enema, which, it is safe to say, is the catchiest song ever written about wanting another enema.
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I saw an equally interesting review in the Independent - and I've just found some mp3 on their website (here) - not from the latest album, mind you.

It's... hmm... need to think on this for a bit. I think I like it, as it appeals to the same bit of my brain that likes Lambchop, but I think an awful lot of people will hate 'em. :)
Oh, and the Independent review is here - given their usual site policy, it'll probably go subscribers-only in a day or two, but it's not there yet...
No-one down here seemed to be interested in the London NMN gig, and it slipped by (last Monday) without me realising. Surprising that, given Alice Donut were the support. Hmmmm, maybe the music that you & I like *is* a bit more obscure than I generally consider it to be.

From your comments, it would appear that live Transmission is something to be avoided. Curtiss would be disappointed.
Michael Moore boo.
James Randi yay.
Leisure Hive yay!
NMN who?
I Want Another Enema ew.