Mind the oranges, Marlon...

Close the curtains, Geoffrey, I'm amphibious.

Hopefully they will forget "The Island of Dr Moreau" though to be fair it wasn't Brando's fault that Val Kilmer can't act his way out of a wet paper bag.

I really hope that this means there will be some of his best stuff on TV. Of course, that leads to the question - if you could choose 5 Brando films to be shown as a tribute, which would they be?
There was an article about the film by Richard Stanley, who was the director until getting ditched at the start of shooting. Fascinating stuff. He mainly seems to blame the backers, but Kilmer's appalling lack of professionalism didn't help - he didn't, apparently, even turn up for the first three days of shooting.

Unfortunately the article doesn't seem to be available anywhere . . . although having said that, I could trawl it out of the library if I can find a date.

5 Brando films? The Wild One, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, The Freshman, On the Waterfront. Tediously predictable choice, I'm afraid. Presumably a lot of people will go for A streetcar Named Desire, but I've not seen it. Actually, I've not seen The Godfather either, but it'd be an opportnity to catch up with it.
My friend from the web design course will probably have a copy of the article on file as her partner is a film producer who was, the last I heard, still trying to get funding for Richard's script "Viy" (http://www.kotinet.com/nagtloper/devhell/devhell.html) though in truth I have a very low opinion of Mr Kilmer's acting ability just based on what I've seen.

I've been thinking about my 5 Brando films and I agree with Apocalypse Now and I would add Julius Caesar, Don Juan DeMarco, The Teahouse of the August Moon (comedy) and Guys and Dolls (Brando singing!). I think that little lot shows the fullest range of his talent.
women dressed as giant crabs. this was my first thought as well. great minds think alike.