Did he really say that? Oh, I hope so.

Thanks to jwz :

This Associated Press story via Yahoo about John Kerry reports that, among other things, he expressed great concern about the banning of some types of stem-cell research on ideological grounds.


While in Colorado, Kerry made a quick stop in Aspen for a $500,000 fund-raiser at the home of Michael Goldberg, president of Miami-based airline leasing company Aerolease International. Kerry invited Aspen resident and writer Hunter S. Thompson to ride in his motorcade and brought three copies of Thompson's book about the 1972 presidential race, "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail" for autographs.

"Just to put your minds all at ease, I have four words for you that I know will relieve you greatly," Kerry told the fund-raiser. "How does this sound — Vice President Hunter Thompson."
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Oh, that would rock so hard!

Be kinda tricky to do a 'tough on drugs' campaign with Thompson as VP, mind!
I think HST has a very strict "tough on drugs" policy. If he is there in a place where there are drugs, the drugs won't be there when he goes.
*FX* Jaw dropping in stunned amazwment. Even to joke about such a thing seems incredibly brave in today's America. Maybe even foolhardy. But coolness beyond measure.

And I saw a picture of him playing guitar with Moby the other day. So if he gets to be prez, he and Tony can play together; which, let's face it, is a lot better than praying together.
It's very cool that Kerry can overlook his own religion's ideology (Roman Catholic) on stem cell research.
It's not all that impressive these days, given that most Roman Catholics in the US are at odds with official Church teachings on a wide array of subjects. Especially on Kerry's home turf here in Boston, this plays very well in the wake of a lot of moral lapses by Church leaders.