Last weekend.

I'm not going to get around to a proper writeup for this, so instead here's a brief one. Last Wednesday evening I flew down to London on a BA Airbus. I've never been on an Airbus before - it didn't crash, so I guess I like them. Thursday we went to see Pixies, as previously mentioned, Friday was t'Pub and Saturday was The Dark Rider. See Fiona's review for all of these, but there's just one thing I want to add.

During the Dark Rider's interval I was leafing through the program, and as well as the impressive band (Kate "Dream Academy" St John, Terry "Terry Edwards" Edwards), the cast had its points too. As well as someone (Janet Henfrey) from my favourite film (The Cook, the Thief, the Neighbour's Dog's Veterinary Dentist, etc), there were also Richard Strange from The Doctors of Madness and, playing one of the young lovers, (!!)Mary Margaret O'Hara. I was even more surprised to find that none of my friends had heard of either of them.
Good to see people in the Dev on Sunday, too, although I didn't get to talk to any of you for long enough, or most of you at all really.

This week has been good. It was cloudy for the transit of venus, unfortunately, but there's another Writers' Bloc reading tonight, in Leith, and as Eternal Roadie I'll be taping it. Tomorrow I'll probably be braving the Park Room (or whatever they're calling it these days) if it's still on this late in the academic year, to see what they're up to these days. My old boss is in (or near) town this weekend, but it looks like she's working all weekend and I probably won't see her. And the next weekend, Fiona will be up. Which will be excellent. And, IIRC, scy11a will be around for a bit about then too?
Cowboy Junkies covered one of hers as well - You Will Be Loved Again. It's either on Trinity Sessions or Caution Horses.
See Fiona's review for all of these

My post with the Black Rider review was Friends Only, but I don't really think it needed to be so... here it is.

I'm in the airport Quality (really? I doubt it) Hotel on Sunday 20th to Wedsnesday 23rd. Prefer to drink in afternoon as flying at 6am each day until aboout 4pm.... Mines a refreshing mineral water ; )
I have a Kid Strange 12": 'International Language'. I haven't listened to it in a long time, though. I don't really care for Mary Margaret O'Hargaret, but I think I may be missing something, as many fine people do. How could they not have heard of her, though?

And don't they call it The Park Room any more? That's a shame. Not that I ever knew why it was called that; anything less like a park is hard to imagine.
Apparently the old Park Bar used to take up most of the bottom floor, when it had the longest bar in Scotland (Britain, maybe) and before it was divided into the Park Room and the games room/Smokers' Bar.

I don't know why the Park Room name was ditched. I get the impression it was quite recently, though. It's "Underground" now, which is a bit sad and generic. No worse than having the general committee name the club "Strangeways", of course. Finn may or may not have forgiven them for that by now.
How could they not have heard of her, though?

*shrug* Not my kind of music. How many members of Neubauten have you heard of?
I didn't think he meant you, actually. Not really mine, either, as I said above. One. Actually, I can name one, but I may have heard of more; just let me check...

... no, just Blixa.
Though on reading again, I see that he wrote, "none of my friends", so obviously that would include you ;-)

He meant me. He was surprised, but I just haven't come across her. I imagine I've heard her on my This Mortal Coil stuff, but I only had Filigree and Shadow on tape till recently and now my TMC stuff is legal downloads from Emusic, but without sleeve notes. The name sounded vaguely familiar, but then it's not a very unusual name.

The others he asked were childeric and steer and I think duranorak, although I can't remember if Em had heard of them. As Karen has already said, she knew who Mary Margaret O'Hara was.
It's not you (or anyone in particular) that surprised me so much, it's the fact that among all the folk I asked so few people have even vaguely heard of her. I've actually asked several other people too, and none of them knew who I meant.