Farewell Mr Quine.

Robert, rather than Willard, of course.

Once described as the best living rock guitarist, he played with most of the New York legends - Hell, Reed, Ranaldo et al - at one point or another.

The NY Times Obituary is here.

Edmund DiGiulio, the inventor of the Steadicam, too, although obviously I'm taking that one less personally.
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So sad to hear this. I met him when he was with Lloyd Cole and Matthew Sweet.
Yes. And he worked with them too? He got around, then. I think I've only really heard the Voidoids, Dim Stars and a song or two he did with Reed.
Bloody hell - W V O Quine was his uncle!

I also didn't know that WVO Quine died so late - I got the impression that he was dead when Hofstadter was writing about him in GEB...
his uncle!

Yes. That was a surprise to me too. Given the arty nature of a lot of that crowd, I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned more (or at all, even).

I also didn't know that WVO Quine died so late

I remember hearing that he'd just died, and being surprised that he'd still been alive. Much the same happened to my geography teacher at school on hearing that Richter had died.