Ohmighod, what a great way to start my day. LOL.

Go on, send it, you know you want to.
oh i feel like a snitch now...told coleagues, one who passed it on to nature...apparently some training went a tad wrong and the page went live, tee hee
Alcohol patch
The story linked from that page about alcohol patches - I thought that this was indeed the tequila patch posited on last week's News Quiz, but alas no.
Re: Alcohol patch
I think it was on a newsgroup recently that I read about someone who thought that contraceptive hormone patches worked like nicotine patches, by reducing your cravings for sex...
Heh. Give it ago. :o)

I actually searched for the word "error" on my employers new web site last week, and it came up with a page saying "Error: Seek mental advice..." :o.