Mark & Lard are playing Orgasm Addict on Radio 1.

That can't be right, surely?
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Before the watershed? :O

I hate people who get to listen to music at work. :(

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The downside is having one's coworkers put the thing on when it'd be better left off. Swings and roundabouts. I've tried to explain to them that it'd be better to leave all music decisions to me, but for some reason they're not convinced.
Some people have no taste
I hadn't thought of that side of it.

*shudder* Other people's 'taste' in music.

Mind you, they probably say that about you, and I think you have impeccable taste.
Re: Some people have no taste
Mostly when they bring stuff in it's OK. It's when we end up listening to local radio that it's a little testing.

Mind you, they probably say that about you, and I think you have impeccable taste.

You don't want to go saying that. Someone might believe you. Someone might think I agree. Anything could happen.

The only thing i can think of that got serious objections was My Bloody Valentine. Kevin Shields always did have an experimental attitude towards tunes and tuning, though.

Re: Some people have no taste
You seem to have similar taste in music to me, therefore you have impeccable taste. QED.

I've just remembered something worse than other people's taste in music - other people's taste in music when they're wearing headphones and you can only just hear it.

I'm going to kill him...
They're just down the road from me, do you want me to congratulate them on not playing the usual "chart bobbins"?

Well, they did play that as well, but a certain amount of respect is obviously due anyway. They also mentioned the existence of "Love comes in spurts", but unfortunately didn't play it.
What did they do when Shelley sang "Fucking yourself to death?". A subtle fade-up, a Radio 1 "blip" or talk over it?
Arse. I didn't notice. I don't think it was actually bleeped, though.
I guess Mark & Lard assumed that not that many people would really notice. :)

I'm still very pleased to find out that Puff Daddy has a phobia of clowns! I take it there will now never be an Insane Clown Posse featuring P.Diddy [1] track. Shame.

However, I might just hire a clown costume and go the whole hog for when he next plays in the UK.

1) surely not Penis Diddy?
just figgered out

That the fuck-awful "wicked and lazy" song whose title I do not wish to know to which I referred in a previous journal entry was being milked on Radio FORTH not Radio One.


I've tried convincing the workers that Classical's nice, sometimes, to groans, mostly.
Re: just figgered out
He did...

Psycho chicken, qu'est-ce que c'est
Bawkbawk-bawk bawkbawkbawkbawk-bawk-bawk
Better run run run run run run awaaaaaaaaaaay

*cough* sorry...
Re: just figgered out
Ahhh, the image of that crazy man on Red Faces
with no shirt, an acoustic guitar and a rubber
glove on his bald head will live with me forever.
I wish I had recorded that...
speaking of which, I will now most surely play
that at WUS tonight. on!