Don't switch horse mid-apocalypse!

From today's Grauniad, WRT the US election campaign, this article describes an (unfortunately now barred) alternative use for a campaign idea. Further information (and links to links to examples) can be found here (can you tell that I have too much time on my hands?).

sclerotic_rings linked yesterday to this article about losing patience with a conspiracy junkie.

It in turn links to links to this article, which should be interesting to any fans of Ken Macleod (Dark Light's going very nicely, thank you. I'll probably buy Engine City as soon as I'm finished, assuming I don't find out that I really do own a copy before then).

Moving further on (via a link) I find that allegedly there are five new phrases that are too indecent to be used on South Park (which has to mean they're pretty felching indecent, let's face it). They are :
Jesus Christ!
Ass Rammer


Obviously I've had a sheltered upbringing. Anyone know what it means? Maybe we should have a poll on this.
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AIUI, it is the act of emitting said substance, not the substance itself.

It used to be a favourite word of the staff of PC Zone magazine, when I worked for sister mag PC Pro.

"Like this game? I spooged so much it looked like someone had let off a fire extinguisher in here!"

When we learned that this august organ was to be republished in Italian, we had great fun imagining what words they'd use. Spoogio! Umberto da Spooge!

I guess you had to be there...

Spooge is versatile. It is both noun AND verb.

I have no real reason for linking to this picture.

(Hint: unless you have an extraordinarily liberal employer, or work in an interesting field, that link is probably not work-safe.)
I read that in the same voice Laurie Anderson used in "O Superman" when saying "planes. American planes."
Somewhere out there there is a sci-fi/horror short story called "Spooge Monkeys". It's... odd.
Oh, they're both priceless! I liked how now the campaign site has preformatted slogans like "Veterans for Bush/Cheney" - if ever there was an ironic statement, that's one! ...And the link to Lenin on the shower curtain :-)
I recall that when I did my radio thing in the US we were taught about the Seven Dirty Words that the FCC will not tolerate (none of which appear in the South Park list).
"God damn" was, I was told, the subject of some debate, until it finally ruled that one was allowed to say "God damn" unless one was literally attempting to call down the wrath of God to condemn someone to Hell. Used as a figure of speech, it was fine.
fuck, motherfucker, cunt, cocksucker, tits, piss, shit.

"fuck" and "motherfucker" count as two seperate words for some reason.
"Tebbit" would be alright because you are allowed to swear in a foreign language.