How many Es in "Schadenfreude"?

Annoyingly, I thought I had a copy of Engine City somewhere, but I don't. I don't suppose anyone fancies swapping one for my spare copy of Dark Light? Nope, didn't think so.

Earlier on I was out at the shop, and on the way back I noticed there was a pickup parked outside the flat. Not just any old pickup, mind - this was a very seriously overblown piece of kit. Apparently brand new, big black and glossy, far too big to be in a town and far too shiny to have been bought to do real work. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it was a left-hand drive Dodge(y), and therefore probably a British-registered US import. This was a very bad example of what Ximena called a penis-wagon. It was such a ridiculously phallic vehicle that I can honestly say that the last time I saw one like it it belonged to a dyke [1].

As you may have guessed by now, i didn't quite fall in love with it. In fact, my first thought as I saw a traffic warden turning the corner was to check whether it had a parking ticket displayed.

And guess what?

Well, obviously as soon as I got inside I threw the blinds open and watched and waited. And waited. And looked around for the traffic warden, who had disappeared. (Call that justice?)

After a couple of minutes the warden reappeared, though, and ticketed it nicely. He walked off and within a minute the owner got back. How I laughed (but not openly, of course, because he could see me. I pretended to be folding up a piece of paper).

It didn't quite make up for the tickets I got there, but . . . well, almost.

[1] True story. Lovely woman she was, too, but her truck was ridiculous.
*Giggles* surely you've seen the ones the guys at the US base in Thetford have? They drive through Cambridge all the time...
I've seen some very odd big cars with US plates in Cambridge, but I didn't notice any pickups. Very inobservant of me. Especially as some of them are so big.
...I don't remember saying penis-wagon...happy to take the credit though...

In Austin, passing a dealer with various pickups, both practical and impractical.

Thanks. It's a good phrase.