How charming. I do hope he uses a hanky but it's kind of implied that he doesn't.

I've had a google but nowhere else seems to have the news at all.

That's not what I meant. Many years ago a friend told me who played the guitars on that album and I didn't know whether to believe him.
PiL were one of the first bands I saw as a teenager, and that was in the days he was playing in them.
New rule: nobody else is allowed to die for a while. I just can't take any more influences in my life making sudden departures from the scene.
That is a shame, Siouxsie said in the Banshees Autobiography that her memories of McGeogh are good ones and that he was always fair and would discuss things with her. She went on to say that he was the most creative guitarist they'd ever had.
He was always one of my favourites. Grim news indeed, but thanks for bringing it to our attention.