Of course it should. Thank you. I hate frames. Mind you, I hate Internet Explorer more. So much that I've dug my own machine out from under its dustsheets so I can use something - anything - else.

I've just found someone else who's heard of Ximena's granddad.
I've listened to someone on an IRC channel going 'oh yes, I've got that on my website. Go to http://www.frameusingmoron.com/ then click on the rose, then select "photos", then click on "Whitby 2000"...'

I pointed and laughed publically at them for fucking up their site, which they didn't appreciate for some reason...
I've just found someone else who's heard of Ximena's granddad.

That would be me then.

I'm still not sure I didn't find it whilst surfing through your friends list, therefore making this a bit circular. I'm trying to remember where I read it but I had a *really* dull couple of days at work at the start of the week and left few journals unturned.
I found a copy of his obituary online last night, but it's in Spanish. It's the same obit the Guardian published - I remember the author - but babelfish renders his name as Augusto Turfs, which is a bit strange. The English version isn't on the Grauniad's website, unfortunately.

I did mention him, though. Back in October. So it might have been mine.
Aha! Yes, that's where I read it. I was playing catch up after realising I found your journal long after you started keeping it.

So I heard about him from you. It is circular.
Turfs, I love it! That's a fairly accurate translation actually; "cesped" means lawn, I guess it could mean turf or maybe even sod. "Cespedes" of course is the plural.