Mieskuoro Huutajat

This BBC story may serve you as a short introduction to the world-famous Helsinki men's shouting choir.
According to this (incredibly difficult to navigate) site (but with cool trailers, for those who haven't seen it already), the film is on in Edinburgh 27th Feb - 4th March, which is annoying as that's when I was hoping you'd come down for the special B Movie rather than me go to you.

I can't believe it's not showing London again after that one date at the NFT though. It's weird it only seems to be showing in one place at a time. Perhaps it will get a longer general release later.
Well, it's not actually in the way of me seeing it here, as it's on for a few days after the weekend. The lack of more London showings seems a bit strange, though.
I can't help thinking that this must do terrible things to their vocal chords - but I'd still like to hear them!