Attack of the taste detective.

It's a bit too late for you to go out and buy a copy of the Observer, but just for your information, there's a picture in it of Ian Rankine burning a Pink Floyd album. He's a good lad, and we're all very proud of him.

NB: It's OK, it wasn't Piper at the gates of dawn. No need to get upset.

Hmmm. The new Neubaten's out soon. And there's a new Stranglers too. And a Kajagoogoo best-of. (now don't all shout "That must be pretty short" at once . . .)
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The Sunday Independent has an interview with Blixa in it.
A Blixa alarm clock? Or is this just wishful thinking and you want an alarm clock of the roll over and nudge you gently kind? ;)
I wish one existed!
Not the 'roll over and nudge' kind, just an alarm which is Blixa noises - little whispery sounds building to more emphatic howling as the urgency of getting up increases.
Well yes, but that doesn't apply to most people. Those who have will know what I mean.