Bugger me I'm talking a lot . . . potentially exciting band news.

Now, I knew that the Magic Band were playing in town on Saturday, but what nobody mentioned was that the support band (allegedly) was the Fire Engines. Who broke up about twenty years ago, I believe.

Blatantly stolen from The Scotsman to save you from having to register:
THE Fire Engines were dubbed "the sound of young Scotland" in the post-punk years and their influence can be traced right up to our newest chart stars, Franz Ferdinand. This group command a special regard in their native Edinburgh and there was a contingent of misty-eyed contemporaries in the crowd for their first gig in 23 years. Front-man Davey Henderson celebrated by wearing a skirt and leading the band through a curt 20-minute set. This was nostalgia which, though inspired by the show’s headliners and the intense maelstrom of the Velvet Underground, still sounded fresh, lean, spiky, inherently funky - and uniquely theirs.

If anyone's there when Glen finds out, can they get a photo of the look on his face? Cheers.

Apparently the Magic Band were very good too.
Out of curiousity...are you familiar with Those French Girls or APB?
(the latter is NOT Apop, but a 80's Scottish band!)
I've heard of Those French Girls, but not in a very long time. I can't even remember if I've ever heard any, which probably means I haven't.

APB, though, I pretty sure I've not come across.
Those French Girls had a few minor hits in the early 80's. They were Stirling based AFAIK. And once appeared on TotP!

My friend Neil was in both bands...APB had some hits in the US (What Kind of Girl Are You? was one). They were mainly from Abredeen (other than Neil).

I'm fairly certain that I booked APB for a gig at Potterrow - twas a long time ago though.

Other where are they nows from that period.... Hey Elastica! & First Priority.

It's not a small world, but it's a very well-connected one.

Oddly, I'm sure someone mentioned Hey! Elastica recently too, but I can't for the life of me remember what they said.

My head hurts. I'm going for a lie down.
Their big hit was 'Eat your heart out' or something like that. They were notorious at the time for blowing a rather large advance from the record company. I know that Giles, one of the singers is still in Edinburgh.

Another band from back then was Twisted Nerve, who get a mention in Mick Mercer's goth book. I used to see Colin, their first guitarist, around, but he has now emigrated to Australia.

Pixies, Hoodoo Gurus . . . annoyingly, I'm sure I saw another couple of references last night to other bands too, but I can't remember them now.
In some ways, yes.

Although I could be unduly sappy and sentimental and say that it seemed like you'd been alone for a long time, and it's good to have the chance to rib you about not being anymore....