Records. Dream.

I have at least eleven Cocteau Twins records.

So at least I didn't waste the Eighties completely.

Last night I had a very odd dream. Someone climbed onto a roof on Cockburn Street, possibly with the intent of lobbing herself off (it might have been duranorak, sleepycinderell, or some sort of weird Duranorak/Sleepycinderella hybrid. You know what dreams are like).

Various other people went up to dissuade her, and she went over the crown of the roof where I couldn't see her, but had obviously slipped. While I was trying to work out whether she'd fallen off the roof on the far side, a chimney stack that nisaba was leaning on toppled into the street, taking it with her.

In spite of falling four stories to the pavement in a shower of rubble, though, she just stood up and dusted herself off.

There was a runup to that, and some consequences, but I can't remember them any more.

I was up until silly o'clock last night sorting out records. All the vinyl's now ordered correctly by first letter. Ordering them correctly within each section shouldn't take too long, and I can do it gradually. It's been at least a couple of years since they've been that well sorted. I inevitably found a few oddities (Howard Jones? When did that happen?) and a couple of duplicates I was unaware of (although to be fair one of those was a Papa Brittle album with two entirely different sleeves).
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It's my new corset. Is there nothing it can't do?

All the vinyl's now ordered correctly by first letter.

Is zoo_music_girl's amazing organisational ability catching? :)
I just hope I don't catch any Jason Donovan records from him...

Let's not mention my Ricky Martin or Kylie Minogue CDs...
Is the Howard Jones actually yours, or just a legacy of having shared a house with grahamb? It rings a vague bell as something he might have bought once....
Well, I suppose in principle it might be, but would he admit to it if so?
Not consciously guilty. :) You wouldn't find me jumping off a roof, I'm scared of heights. At least it wasn't a dream where I tried to kidnap you - or your record collection.
Speaking of which, which Howard Jones?

Humans' Lib, I think. Hang on, I'll just check, using my wonderfully sorted system . . . Yup, Humans' Lib.
How do you cope with "the"? Beatles, The, or The Beatles? A mentalist friend does it the latter way. I think this is mental.

It is solved though by having a record collection which only consists of The The's back catalogue.

It's alright for you. I've got Love Plus One stuck in my head.
There are too many bands starting with The to put them all under T. OTOH, bands starting with A (A House, A Flock of Seagulls, A Certain Ratio) do go under A.

It's more pragmatic than purist. I only have one McCulloch solo record, so it goes in with the Bunnymen stuff.

I've got Love Plus One stuck in my head.

You know, there used to be an Edinburgh punk band called Beergut 100. I bet you really wanted to know that.
Howard Jones
In answer to "where is he now?":

And as for the gimp dancer, from the FAQ:

"Where is Jed?

Jed is alive and well working in High Wycombe. He attended the Tribute Show for Thelma and John in 2002.Will Howard and Jed work together again.......maybe......!"
Hmm, an alphabetical guy, eh?

I file mine by genre. It's a completely impenetrable system to any newcomers to my collection but a) I know my way round it like the back of my hand and b) if I don't know exactly WHAT I want to listen to, but I know the TYPE of music I want to listen to, I can browse by section and usually find something I'm in the mood for. :)
I used to file by record company, but my collection was forcibly reorganised alphabetically by university friends who could never find things they wanted to borrow.