Age of Chance

Being talked about on BBC Radio 6, or 6music or whatever.

Currently their version of Kiss.

I haven't heard this for a while. Takes me back.
How do you find out about these things? Steve Albini the other day, Age of Change today?

BTW, Buzzkunst is fab, you were, of course, right. :)

Steve Albini the other day, Age of Change today?

Albini I got phoned about by an ex-flatmate. Today Ijust got back and put the radio on. Well, the streamed audio from the BBC webshite, anyway. I decided to give 6 a try because people are talking abut it on . It's about what I expected, so far. I like. It's Tom Robinson's show at the moment.

Buzzkunst is fab

Isn't it? Some people just have too much talent. Come the revolution . . .

*checks schedules*

Janice Long! My God!

Seeing Oasis and the Stereophonics in their A list playlist is a bit offputting but I shall give it a whirl. It doesn't seem to like Windows Media Player so I'd better wait till Alexander wakes up and see if he minds me installing Real Player though.
Apparently there's an Ogg stream as well, if he wants to further boost his open-source karma.
radio 6 ?!
I'm so not in touch with TV or radio these days. Where did it come from and when?

Re: radio 6 ?!
It's a new BBC music station, available via some cable companies. digital radio or as a stream from the BBC website.

It seems to be primarily aimed at aging alternos with a desperate need for validation. Which suits me just fine.