Interesting news, and exasperating news

According to this article from, there were three more solar flares yesterday morning. The activity level at the previously linked US government site is a very impressive 9, with recent estimates of the power input reaching a very healthy 270GW. I may pop outside to look upwards. I may, if I feel lucky, take some marshmallows and a long fork.


The Grauniad has been in court again over That Story concerning the royals that nobody can officially talk about. I was hoping that at least the furrin' press would have the lack of taste to go public, but searching Google news doesn't reveal very much. How disappointing. In the event that any of you fancy keeping an eye on things, the search terms "british royal family" (or even just "royal family") seem to be picking stuff up.

In a perfect world, either this would become public immediately so we can pretend to be shocked (or not, according to preference) before going back to our tea and scones, or somebody would shoot them against a cellar wall in Yekaterinburg and it would become a safe non-issue.

Personally, having people know that someone had been fisting the servants (or whatever it turns out to be) sounds infinitely preferable to all this pussyfooting about.

You know, I've never really considered the other possible meanings of the word "pussyfooting" before.

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You know, I've never really considered the other possible meanings of the word "pussyfooting" before.
You are a bad, bad man Mr Clark :)
I thought it wasn't possible to get vegetarian marshmallows?

Your "been in court again" link is missing the http bit btw.
Well, you're right, of course. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I don't personally own a fork that long either.
I didn't think you did and I wouldn't have mentioned it at all, but I don't think raw marshmallows are any more veggie than toasted ones. Haven't you got a long spoon somewhere though?
Indeed, but as I fall down on both counts it's even less practical than you suggested.

Actually, I own four long spoons, so I can sup with up to four devils simultaneously.
If you join all your long spoons together will they be long enough? (Although the marshmallows still won't be veggie.)
I'm not really sure. I think this aurora thing might actually be above the treetops, in which case probably not.

It's OK about the marshmallows for that, though - the devil doesn't like them very much.
apparently you can get vegetarian marshmallows if you know where to shop - julietk is the person to ask, as she is vegan so knows all about obscure animal-free foodstuffs.
Have you tried the non-English speaking press? Allegedly the French and German papers love to dish dirt on the Royals that isn't allowed over here.