From today's Grauniad:

Greenaway, of course, makes art films; Parker makes movies for Hollywood studios. I'm agnostic regarding the Greenaway films I've seen. They were beautifully photographed and designed, but it wasn't clear to me what they were about. Parker's work, on the other hand, is straightforwardly detestable: dishonest, propagandistic, authority-loving crap of the ilk of Mississippi Burning.

The wonderful Alex Cox, of course, in a brief article from Friday's paper. Parker, of course, saw Greenaway's first film, The Draughsman's Contract, and said on TV that if Greenaway was allowed to make any more films he'd have his children educated abroad. As usual in these cases, I'd love to know whether he subsequently did, as Mr G has made a number of films since - including my own favourite film, the very excellent The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

Cox, of course, makes films also - including Repo Man and, recently, A Revenger's Tragedy.
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Odd - I didn't know that. I've actually loved pretty much everything I've seen of Alan Parker's - while some of his films have problems, they're always interesting (although I admit I haven't seen Mississippi Burning). I didn't know he was so anti-Greenaway, though. Hmmm.
I think I've only seen Angel Heart and (back in the seventies) Bugsy Malone. I liked them both when I saw them, although I'm not entirely sure I'd enjoy BM as much now.