Grovelling request . . .

I don't suppose any of you in Cambridge are near Borders or that big newsagent next to it? I can't find a copy of Nature up here, and I'm sure I've seen copies for sale in one or other of those. Could any of you pop in and tell me whether there are any?

Thanks. Sorry to be a burden.
I never even read the 'burden' line before - shows you just how much of one you are :P

Looks like razornet can get one to you earlier than I can, so I'll let him grab it. But if for some reason that falls through, just yelp.
there's one out at fort kinnaird [or kinnaird park]

there's also a big whsmiths there, and one in cameron toll...


I am going shopping after work and can go into the Borders in Oxford St, but it looks like you're sorted.
Re: Got it. :)
The first thing I did on looking at the web version, of course, was go through the names reminiscing. I have a number of good friends listed there . . . I must try and visit at some point.

I like the fact that the very senior staff who set the strategy are listed right at the bottom. Even the Nobel Laureate.
I subscribe to Nature, so have a copy. If all else fails, I could post my copy up, when I've read it. I'm sure you could probably buy it somewhere though