The current issue of this august journal contains a paper, "The DNA sequence and analysis of human chromosome 6" - which means . . . that yes, my publication count rises again.


So I have to run into town and find a paper copy for the files. Life is hard.
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I am very busy now btw, reply will have to wait till after lunch.


It's a surprise. I didn't know this was coming out now (although I'm sure I would have if I was still working at the Sanger).

It's a good start to the day, certainly.
Wow. *Worship* That's 2 people I know who have human genome stuff in Nature. I never knew you were a biologist of sorts too (but then we never actually met - wish we had now)
Well, we still might.

Who's the other, incidentally? I can think offhand of four people who are or were Calling regulars who've been involved.
The other person was an old housemate, Guy Slater. I don't think he went to the calling, but I've only been going a year.
Ah. Don't know him, I'm afraid. It looks like he was in analysis. I don't really know as many people at that end of the building.
..was finally completed by a team of international scientists in April.

I know you moved to Edinburgh which is indeed technically another country, but... (that's why you were never home!)