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Steve Albini's being interviewed on Radio 3.

Now, for sure, I have heard everything.
And he described something as "charming". Unsurprisingly, he's making a fair amount of sense. It's to do with All Tomorrow's Parties - from the clips, they've got some weirdass and downright wonderful people playing.
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I can't help you there, I'm afraid, but I notice that the BBC has a page about the show which has streamable bits from previous shows. It may conceivably turn up there. Maybe we could all mail in and ask them to put it up there . . .

Incidentally, I heard about it by phone from my immediately-ex flatmate Patrick, who phoned me from Derbyshire to tell me it was happening.

Oh, they've just mentioned the website . . . and there's a full archive of the last year online somewhere, so you don't need a transcript anyway, thankfully.
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I'm glad you got to hear it. :) As soon as I heard Steve Albini mentioned I reached for the telephone knowing full well its one of the few reasons to contact someone at 23.30.

I used to try make a habit of listening to "Mixing It" (sp?) on Radio 3 as they have played some really good music. I seem to recall they are the only people I've heard play Diamanda Galas and praise her.

If memory serves right the website is then go to mixing it. It might even be I'm not sure I haven't checked yet.

BTW didn't The Danielson Family, The X Orchestra and The Bionauts sound great? :)
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Good heads-up - many thanks. I'd not come across the prog nefore, but I may just have found my late Sunday entertainment.

And yes, they did all sound fantastic.