Wolfe fans to note:

Amazon lists the new one as being available on the 1st of January.

Supplemental: Some details are revealed in this entry from the archives of the fascinating Urth mailing list.
Blimey - I just bought a Gene Wolfe book in ye charity shoppe - THE FIFTH HEAD OF CERBERUS no less. The cover is GRATE - it features a drawing of a youngish looking boy pointing into the distance inna Littlewoods catalogue stylee whilst crouched on the rock next to him peering over is a gurl in what looks like one of Alice in Wonderland's knock-offs. In the sky there is a FLYING SAUCER hurrah!!

Published when Citadel of the Autarch was still being eagerly awaited. I don't remember the days but feel nostalgia nonetheless...
I think that was written in the seventies, wasn't it? It's an interesting one - lots of the stuff he's been doing since is there, like the identity and reliability of the narrator, and so on. Actually, I was thinking a lot about that recently while finishing off the Short Sun, which has some other points in common with it.
Copyright Mr G. Wolfe 1972, published 1973, my version = 1983 by Arrow, first appear'd in Orbit. (Wot the chewing gum oh har har very funny). Nowhere though is a blurb, ooh pique my curiosity why don't you. As if the blurbs on Book of the New Sun ever gave indication to contents though - arf.

I just opened a page randomly (blimey small print tastic) and found the word "feign-pheasant'. Am hoping to open it up next and read of "pseudo-grouse".