World's End, and weekend.

I've seen a couple of reports recently about new hope in the World's End killings. I guess it's true, then, what they say about never closing a murder case.

I haven't been for a drink in the World's End for quite a while, although I used to go there occasionally, some years ago. I hope they find him.

I've been hanging around London since Thursday, except on Sunday when I went up to Bletchley Park with assorted associates. It's highly recommended, although apparently only a couple of weeks ago they took away the Enigma machine that you could sit and type on yourself. On Saturday it was CJ's birthday, which required alcohol (hic), and after that a party at James' place out in the eastern wilds of DLRville.

I notice the new Neal Stephenson's out. Anyone read it already? Much cop?

Supplementary: Odd story of the day.
I wouldn't have thought so. After all, he only does it when asked.