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If anyone's trying to mail me . . . be aware that my mail is insanely delayed at the mo. I'm not ignoring, you honest. Well, I'm not ignoring all of you, anyway.
Three of your mails got through around 1pm, which I have replied to so I guess you'll get them eventually. I am insanely bored...
This is more interesting. I would have forwarded it to Graham anyway, if his mail were working.

From Warren Ellis' Bad Signal mailing list

[BAD SIGNAL]Californicated

Well well well. In the absence of credible opposition, Arnold
Schwartzenegger (or Schwa-chan as they know him in Japan) has become
Governator of California -- ushered in with more votes than outgoing
governor Gray Davis was elected with first time around. Davis' Lieutenant,
Cruz Bustamante, gets to fade away, as, doubtless, does the legal action he
mounted against the American energy mafia, with whom Schwa-chan is passing

A lot of people, especially here, tend to think of California as liberal.
They think of the Bay Area and Hollywood and wonder how the state can put
things like Reagan and Arnie into play. But CA is a big state -- on its
own, it's the world's fifth largest economy. And if those outside America
are wondering how Gray Davis came to be recalled, picture this: the world's
fifth largest country being crippled from stem to stern by electricity
brown-outs and outages that went on for weeks. That is what consigned
British Labour Prime Minister Jim Callaghan to the shithole of history and
brought us Margaret Thatcher.

Here in Southend, we can't get anything other than a Conservative figure
elected. This is because the hundreds of old people's homes in and around
the area get mobilised, full of crones who think Churchill is still Prime
Minister. Until we get a good hard winter that thins the old bastards out
a bit, we're stuffed. They don't have good hard winters in Marin County.

The Received Wisdom (which you should probably take with the usual amount
of salt) is that Arnie gives California giftwrapped to Bush in '04. Which
may be a moot point, given the freaks of nature that the Democrats are
fielding. General Wesley Clark is currently having them rolling in the
aisles with his "time travel must be possible" plank. Dr Howard Dean is
still working the political bloggers, possibly the only space on earth
where he can look charismatic, even by default. I think I saw Dennis
Kucinich in the background of the (somewhat tedious) CARNIVALE.

Nixon's second term proved that no matter how frightening and ugly the
incumbent is, a politically incompetent opposition will put them back into
power every time.

Are you ready for Bush Two?

-- W
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