I used to have one of these. I don't know what happened to it, and they don't do them with the backprint any more.

He's on at the ICA Thursday next week, briefly, and apparently will be appearing and signing stuff in Borders on Oxford Street on the Friday. I think there are a couple of other things on his website (follow the above link and look for News).
He's really not as good as in his heyday. I'm a little hesitant to say it, but his new album 'England Half English' is actually quite crap... :-\ Bring back the old Billy Bragg, before he became a dad, that's what I say!
He was a lot better solo at the folk festival than on tour with the band. I'm sure the band's to some people's taste, but they were a bit too civilised for mine.

I was retelling his story about eighties discos and industrial bands last night, too.
You lost the t-shirt - poots.

Well I have a pictire of you in it if that is any consolation :)
Yes. I don't remember seeing it since New Orleans, just before Alan's wedding. Not much hope of it turning up now.