Nazi communist homosexual propaganda.

Many thanks to Upstanding Citizen hirez for drawing our attention to details of the latent satanic perversions within the Teletubbies. Those of you with impressionable children (or impressionable parents) should definitely read this and take action. I can only regret the passing of Mrs Hairy Whitemouse. This would never have been allowed in her day.
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I regert the passing of Mary Whitehouse, it was so easy in her day she condenmed somethign i just knew i had to listen/watch it. It was so much easier back then.

She was also responible for making me very popular at school when she condenmed Garnge Hill, my ftaher was very happy for me to watch it (actually i think he might have forced me to watch it:) but all my friends would come round because their parents stopped them.
"And don't forget that Nazis were left-wing extremists themselves"

Someone's confused around here...
I for one shall certainly never call anyone po-faced again....well maybe it some cases. ;)