Anyone else having Gmail problems?

I've just been getting session-expired notices when I try to use it today - but only from home. It's been fine from work (and was fine from home until yesterday). Anyone else having a similar problem, or is it just me?

UPDATE: Fine now. I deleted all the google cookies and it let me log in again.
I had one problem a few minutes ago but never before and all fine now.
Don't understand, but it must have been a cookie malfunction.

I suffered the same thing this morning and employed the same solution. I guess something changed...
Guess so. I'm a little puzzled about it still working from work, but maybe it's a browser oddity or the session here did expire and I'll get the same at work when that session expires. Or something similarly odd.
I always thought that, as the issuer of the cookie, they had access to make changes as needed. I can only assume a cock-up or slackness on their part.